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An Honest Freelance Career Podcast

Welcome. Seriously.

I'm so excited that you're here. This isn't just a podcast. This is the manifestation of a dream.

When I first got in my head the idea that I could start a podcast, I didn't think twice about what it would be about. The last several years I have found out what it's like to be a community leader. The secret to running a successful community? It's quite (un)surprisingly, a lot more listening than dictating.

I believe this podcast should be treated as such. Instead of driving the boat of the freelance community, I'm intending to explore it and to let it, you, everyone, steer and evolve as it organic beings do naturally.

I hope you are inspired to share your dream with me and the rest of The Naked Freelancer community.

I hope the story of the exploration and manifestation of your own independent career path can be given a voice and in turn inspire others as well.

Thanks for being here. I can't wait to talk to you!

- Melissa

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  • Ep 009 Being a Better Freelancer by Working Better Together with Alex Hillman June 16, 2015
    Joining me this episode is Alex Hillman, or as I call him, "The Hillman." Basically if you start researching coworking on Google, you'll find all sorts of ties back to Alex and the the strides he's made for the industry and the movement through his space, Indy Hall. Alex and I connected a while back […]
    Melissa Geissinger
  • Ep 008 Working Alone Sucks. Why All Freelancers Need Coworking. Live from GCUC USA June 2, 2015
    We continue the conversation about coworking with a panel of four individuals connected to the coworking industry. In this episode we talk about the relationship between freelancers and coworking spaces. We discuss how freelancers can make the most of their experience at a coworking space to successfully impact their businesses and find a sense of […]
    Melissa Geissinger
  • Ep 007 Freelancers & Coworking: The Rise of The New Worker with Melissa Mesku May 21, 2015
    This episode is the first of two I recorded live at GCUC, the Global Coworking Unconference Conference. Coworking and the relationship between it and freelancers is going to be the central part of my focus for the next few episodes. Not only do I run my own coworking space in Santa Rosa called WIMPspace, but I'm also a new […]
    Melissa Geissinger
  • Ep 006 Digital Marketing and Social Relations Strategy with Shana Bull May 12, 2015
    Shana Bull is a digital marketing and social relations strategist. Shana is one of my very best friends and just so happens to be a genius when it comes to building a stable freelance career in social media. Shana works with a lot of luxury lifestyle brands doing social relation strategy, consulting and training. She's […]
    Melissa Geissinger
  • Ep 005 The Influencer Economy Trifecta: Podcasting, Consulting and Writing with Ryan Williams May 5, 2015
    Ryan Williams is building an empire on his ability to tell the stories of what he calls the influencer economy. Ryan's take on an influencer is someone who has a successful career in new media, music and sports while remaining accessible to their fan-base. Ryan's freelance career consists of balancing between the production of his […]
    Melissa Geissinger
  • Ep 004 Don't You DARE Call Me a Freelancer! with Free Agent Katy Tynan April 27, 2015
      I had a blast with Katy Tynan from! Katy had a background in consulting before entering the world of freelancing. The change in lifestyle was a welcome one for Katy, but she has experienced certain challenges when defining her job title. I'm sure you've all been there: you're at a party or a networking […]
    Melissa Geissinger
  • Ep 003 The Rise of the Freelance Economy: The Labor Force Evolution with Jeff Wald April 20, 2015
    For episode three, I wanted to go a little bigger. I think it's important that we understand just what it means to be a part of the freelance economy, so I reached out to Jeff Wald, a thought leader on labor force evolution. Jeff is co-founder and President of Work Market and frequently writes for Forbes as the authority […]
    Melissa Geissinger
  • Ep 002 The Art of Embracing Epic Failure with Josh Simmons April 20, 2015
    Episode two! Yeahhhh! My co-founding partner of WIMP, Josh Simmons, joins me to talk about all things fail. Josh works full time as a community manager for O'Reilly Media, the best media publisher for web technology (the books with the animals on the covers) AND producer of fantastic tech conferences such as Fluent and OSCON. Show […]
    Melissa Geissinger
  • Ep 001 Hello, World: An Introduction to The Naked Freelancer with Ben Klocek April 20, 2015
    I'm beyond thrilled to announce the very first episode of The Naked Freelancer podcast! This first episode features Ben Klocek of Bracia. Ben is a freelance web designer, or as he defines himself: an artist. I know Ben from the WIMP community and he's a force to be reckoned with. The format of this first episode is more […]
    Melissa Geissinger
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