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I’m beyond thrilled to announce the very first episode of The Naked Freelancer podcast!

This first episode features Ben Klocek of Bracia. Ben is a freelance web designer, or as he defines himself: an artist. I know Ben from the WIMP community and he’s a force to be reckoned with.

The format of this first episode is more of a co-host vibe, since you won’t be just getting to know Ben, you’ll be getting to know me and all that I’m about as well. In fact, I plan to have Ben back often to have some discussions on some issues having to do with freelancing. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Note: Please bear with us in the beginning. I was really nervous and there are a few awkward silences, but it doesn’t take long for us to get in the groove of things!

Show Notes & Resources

The intro to the first episode features an unintentional appearance by Ascii the cat. Sorry Ben, looks like you weren’t actually my first guest after all!


Here is Ascii on a rocking horse. She’s a pretty cool cat.

Ben and I discuss WIMP and the importance of being involved in a community of peers. We discuss the concept colearning and not having a “percieved authority” when it comes to learning from one another on certain topics. We try to set a precedent for transparency for the show in the future.

  • Creating a client qualifiers list / screening and rating potential clients
  • Getting great lead generation by pre-qualifying
  • Word of mouth marketing
  • The Sustainable Freelancer: Is the life you’re creating as a freelancer something you can keep up long-term?
  • Methods of working with clients: 1 Day Web Designer
  • Content delivery
  • Kathy Pine and
  • Measuring success by having a community to compare yourself to
  • WIMPspace and other Coworking spaces
  • Defining a freelancer
  • Generation Z
  • How far in advance do you make plans?
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Ben’s Recommended Reading List


Ben’s Links

Ben’s design business Bracia

The Sustainable Freelancer: Freelancer Tools & Tips For A Sustainable Lifestyle – WIMP Meetup Talk

Ben on Twitter @benklocek

Ben on Instagram @benklocek

Ben on LinkedIn


Music: The Naked Freelancer Theme is by Ransom Rath. Listen to the full version here.

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