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2015-05-01 16.04.22

Shana Bull is a digital marketing and social relations strategist. Shana is one of my very best friends and just so happens to be a genius when it comes to building a stable freelance career in social media.

Shana works with a lot of luxury lifestyle brands doing social relation strategy, consulting and training. She’s famous in wine blogger circles and takes some of the most scrumptious photos of food I’ve ever seen on the interwebs.

She’s also a few months pregnant and talks about how she’s able to build in flexibility to her schedule to accommodate the unpredictability of not feeling 100% herself all the time. We’ll definitely be following Shana’s story once she has her baby to see if her career ends up going just as smoothly as she expects. Good luck, Shana!

Randy “The Man” Hall also makes his first appearance in this episode!

Show Notes

We discuss the following topics/themes in this episode:

Shana’s Links

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