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We continue the conversation about coworking with a panel of four individuals connected to the coworking industry. In this episode we talk about the relationship between freelancers and coworking spaces. We discuss how freelancers can make the most of their experience at a coworking space to successfully impact their businesses and find a sense of belonging in a world that might be a little bit too flexible. This episode was recorded live at the GCUC Conference in Berkeley, CA, backstage at Freight & Salvage, coffee house and music venue.

Recording The Naked Freelancer at Freight and Salvage

Joining me in this episode are the following four lovely individuals:

Paul Searle is a freelance event videographer from Los Angeles, CA. Paul plans to open up a small coworking space for artists in his neighborhood.

Oren Salomon is the Founder of Dallas Fort Work, a coworking space in Fort Worth, TX. Oren is also a part of Open Coworking and manages the Coworking Map project.

Abrahim Nadimi is the Founder and CEO of ReferMe. Abe has been a coworker for a year in Arlington, TX and is building his referral platform to help small businesses.

Amy King is the Founder and CEO of Nested Strategies, a creative consulting studio that brings humanity to brands. Amy is a self-proclaimed coworking junkie in Dallas, TX.


There’s an open discussion on the flexibility of freelancers and coworking spaces in the forum. All are welcome.


On a personal note, I’m excited to announce I’ll be a new member of the leadership team of Open Coworking! More on that as things develop 🙂

A huge thanks to all my guests on this episode as well as everyone who had a hand in planning and producing GCUC, the incredible event that we were at that brought together so many inspirational community leaders from all over the world.


Show Notes

We discuss the following topics/themes in this episode:



Music: The Naked Freelancer Theme is by Ransom Rath. Listen to the full version here.

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