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Joining me this episode is Alex Hillman, or as I call him, “The Hillman.” Basically if you start researching coworking on Google, you’ll find all sorts of ties back to Alex and the the strides he’s made for the industry and the movement through his space, Indy Hall.

Alex and I connected a while back when what would eventually be WIMPspace was only a blip on the radar. I’ve been an admirer of Alex’s not only because of his work in coworking, but his approach to realizing life-long goals. He lives by a “JFDI” mantra. Got an idea? Just Fucking Do It. I could write an entire post write an entire book, teach an entire class on how acting on your ideas and making them happen no matter what is always a worthwhile endeavor. Another time, perhaps.

This episode meanders along the loose guidelines of how people that run coworking spaces can encourage freelancers can make the most of their investment into a space. We also touch on how finding people to work with is a lot like picking a restaurant or finding what kind of music you enjoy.


Show Notes

We discuss the following topics/themes in this episode:

  • Indy Hall
  • Coworking Weekly Podcast
  • The Face of Coworking
  • Brad Neuburg
  • Open source movement
  • Coworking Google group
  • Thinking about how / where / why we work together
  • How coworking will change in the future
  • “Coworking space” is as specific as the term “restaurant”
  • It’s our job to “set the bar” of what coworking should be
  • Coworking experiences vary just as much as genres and sub-genres in music
  • The mistakes that some coworking spaces make
  • It takes a special type of person to operate a coworking space
  • Coworking Africa conference
  • Why opening a coworking space without having freelance experience can be a detriment
  • SpareChair could set the trend for future coworking experiences
  • People still don’t know how to find each other
  • Tim Ferriss curious, The Tim Ferriss Show
  • Finding people to work around is a lot like dating
  • Getting to know people is waaaay more valuable than trying to sell them something
  • Using a set of rules to make what you’re already doing easier
  • How freelancers work together in coworking spaces and how to be a better coworker
  • Managing expectations
  • Prioritize relationships above transactions
  • The best collaborations and getting to know people before you know you need them
  • 30×500 and how to make $180k a year by being a freelancer
  • Freckle Time Tracking
  • Solving a problem by building trust and value with your ideal clients
  • Mindset by Carol Dweck
  • Fixed mindset vs growth mindset
  • The unfamiliar feeling of being bad at something, and the fear of learning something from the ground up
  • Amy Hoy’s Blog:


Music: The Naked Freelancer Theme is by Ransom Rath. Listen to the full version here.

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